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Signs of Spring

Just days after our cold spell, Göteborg decided to get warm again — 26 degrees Celsius in our house to be exact! If you, like me, need to look up the conversion for that, it is roughly 78 degrees Fahrenheit! Yikes! I am a heat wimp, so needless to say, I contacted our landlord right away. He is so awesome that within 2 days there was an air conditioner set up in our living room (which I am enjoying right this minute). Spring and sun mean flowers in Göteborg. This past week, at the request of a subscriber, I’ve been snapping as many photos of the beautiful blooms as I can to share with you.

Being a compact city, I wasn’t expecting the sheer amount of greenery that is prevalent in this city. Each neighborhood has flower displays and trees in bloom. The amusement park, Liseberg, has an amazing array as well (there will be a big post on Liseberg coming!). Daffodils and tulips are the most common, but pansies are occasionally represented. I’ve seen pansies as big as my palm!

Many are common, but some are exotic to my uneducated eyes. Here is one that my friend Travis over at GardenSphere, in Tacoma, WA tells me is a Crown Fritillaria. As an aside, he says they smell like marijuana ;). So that’s what I was smelling…


An interesting tidbit I picked up at my son’s school this week is that they teach the children (his school, I don’t know about others), that it is best to let the flowers stay in the ground so they can continue to grow and live. This doesn’t mean they don’t sell cut flowers, they sell many, but it does mean the children do think twice before plucking blooms from the neighbors flower beds 😉

I will leave you with these pictures of the flowers around town and hope you enjoy your week!

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