Swedish Ingenuity

Swedish Ingenuity: Food in a Tube

It’s time for another mini post! Welcome to Sweden, the land of food in a tube.


Wall o’ Tubes

These Swedes really like their food in a tube. Just check out the pictures from the grocery store. Do you see that? Metal toothpaste-like tubes, just waiting to fill your belly. There are so many flavors. You name it, they probably have it.

So, how in the heck do they eat this stuff? Good question! Swedes squirt this stuff on bread, crackers, in sandwiches…they really love the food in a tube.

Curious about how it tastes? Stay tuned for another episode where the entire family gets in on the sampling action 😃

Craving your own food in a tube?

In an effort to get more subscribers to this awesome blog, I will shortly be having a subscription drive! One lucky subscriber will get their very own food in a tube; mailed directly to their home…as long as customs allows 😉

Keep your eyes out for the announcement!

Until next time…


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