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Cheese and crackers, Sweden Style Part 2, Taste Test!

Tube cheese, oh how we…love thee!


Seriously, this stuff is really not bad. Today’s mini post encompasses our first impressions of this traditional Swedish snack.


The child, aka: the most enthusiastic — “Uhm uhm uhm. It’s so good!”

You may think this is an exaggeration. It’s not. If he doesn’t like it, he tells you. Much like dinner tonight…

Hubs — “It’s weird, I can feel the milk. It’s cool, I’d eat it. I just don’t think I would look for it.”

Me — “Better than squeezy cheese. Good texture, full flavor. Cracker is nice… I would love to try it on those chicken crackers or some Ritz with salami.”


Last impressions–after a week of snacking with the tube cheese, I think we are all content to have it just once in a while. It’s good, but good things are best as treats. And…I wonder, should it be refrigerated? Anybody?

Wondering exactly what we ate? The ingredients seem to be harmless. Just cheese and a preservative… I think. Where on Earth did that tube go? Hopefully the boys aren’t brushing their teeth!


Until next time…


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