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Thrift Shopping in Göteborg Part 1

I’ve decided that as part of this blog it is my duty to help people learn about the different charity shops/thrift shops available in Göteborg. When we first arrived, I was stunned by the cost of everything! That led to some intense internet hunts; which provided a few leads, but not a ton of in depth information. These intermittent and ongoing updates on the cool discount options we have in this fun city will hopefully fill that void for other bargain hunters in the future.

The Store: Salvation Army Majorna at Jaegerdorffsplatsen 4

Majorna (pronounced Muh-Your-Nuh) is the neighborhood and Jaegerdorffsplatsen 4 is the address. Don’t ask me to pronounce that address.

This Salvation Army shop is located just off the Jaegerdorffsplatsen tram stop; which you can reach with the #3 and #9 trams.

I was blown away by this shop. From the outside, it is unassuming; then you get inside and it is crammed with goodies. Over two visits I have purchased:

– 1 awesome iron (Husqvarna) and 1 functional ironing board
– 2 small bookshelves
– 1 large bookshelf
– 1 leather love seat
– 1 side table
– 3 soup bowls (pictured here)

How much did I spend? Altogether, including the delivery fees for the furniture, this whole lot cost me less than $70. Not only that, when our apartment fell through, they agreed to hold onto the furniture for me. Phenomenal, right?

What I did not get:

– 1 awesome gold velvet couch
– 1 amazing peacock tapestry

The elusive Peacock

How much would I have spent? Roughly $66. Why didn’t I get these? Well, this store is only open Thursdays and Saturdays. I saw the aforementioned items on a Thursday morning. They were gone when I went back on Saturday with the hubs to confirm that he would enjoy a gold velvet couch.

Lesson learned, if you see something you like at this shop, snap it up! It goes fast. Please enjoy the amateurish photo of the awesome peacock tapestry shot from my cell phone on the sad day I did not buy it…

If you are in Göteborg, I wholeheartedly endorse this place. The people are friendly and the finds are eclectic and reasonably priced. Plus, they deliver for a flat rate of SEK 150, which is roughly $18. You can’t beat that.

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