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New year, new country, new breakfast

Our 2014 started on a wet and windy day in Greenwich, London. After more than an hour debating on the merits of heading out in the rain, and after realizing the cafe we were intending to find was closed, our better sense won out and I decided to cook rather than face the wet and wind.

So did I prepare eggs and toast or pancakes or cereal?  Heck no!  This is a new year and a new country. I used the last of the brown bread to make toast and slapped a can of beans in tomato sauce in a pot. I also got out some jam and butter…my tomato allergy is not something I mess around with 😉

As I placed the plates of beans and toast in front of Raymond and Drake, their reactions were very different. Raymond approached with caution and slowly warmed up to his breakfast. Drake dived in head first and continued to feast for about a half hour. That kid loves beans on toast!

So here we are, new year, new country, new breakfast. Life is good.



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